PT Student Kit with standard items. CanDo® PEP Pack®



Physical Therapy Student Kits are designed to meet the needs of physical therapy students. The kit is pre-packaged with the items physical therapy students need in class and as a professional. The kit includes one of each: Baseline® 12? 360° clear plastic goniometer, Baseline® Absolute+Axis® attachment, Baseline® 6? 180° clear plastic goniometer, neurological (Buck) hammer, Baseline® pocket aneroid sphygmomanometer, dual-headed stethoscope, Baseline® woven measurement tape, 24-hour electronic stopwatch/watch combination, FabLife® 60? gait belt with a metal buckle, CanDo® PEP Pack® (easy), and a drawstring bag. PT Student Kit w/ PEP Pack®

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