Skillbuilders® 2-piece mobile floor sitter with wood base, medium



Skillbuilders® modular seating system allows for basic Feeder Seat to transform into floor sitter and mobile floor sitter. Each seat has built-in abductor, contoured interior for correct seating posture and a safety harness. Seats are made of molded foam that is firm yet soft to the touch, with integral waterproof coating that is easily washed for years of use. 2-piece mobile floor seat set includes seat and mobile box-type base with casters. Base includes pull strap. Seat is secured to the base with velcro and can be adjusted from upright to reclining position. Medium seat fits child 37-48? and 30-60 pounds.

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Height Box 1: 14 Box 2: 24
Width Box 1: 28 Box 2: 24
Depth Box 1: 14 Box 2: 14

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