Pre-owned Biodex Biosway with stand and carrying case

U-BMS 950-460


A fixed platform, portable Balance Assessment and Training device

BioSway is a portable balance system bringing testing and training technology to the patient. This easy transport system is a vital tool for clinicians on-the-go with advanced features such as a new larger display, expanded connectivity, USB ports, Ethernet connectivity, upgradable software, interactive CATCHGame, Video/Audio and more.

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The BioSway is a lightweight instrumented platform with a high-resolution color touchscreen display. The system sets up in minutes to provide patients with a choice of interactive teaching modes or standardized testing environments including the Clinical Test of Sensory Integration of Balance (CTSIB). BioSway provides the necessary reporting for establishing need, progress and outcome. All test results and training sessions can be stored and printed.

The BioSway emphasizes specific movement patterns, encourages proprioception and motor control and is ideal for vestibular training. Patients are challenged to shift and control their center of gravity through an interactive balance game and other rehabilitative training strategies.

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