Instruments to measure grip strength, joint movement, range-of-motion, and sensitivity level are just some of the products found in this group.  Classic tools such as these are used daily in physical therapy, medical facilities, and schools.

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  • Range-of-Motion
    Instruments are used to measure progressive mobility of small and large joints. Popular for physical therapy to show progress in treatment.
  • Sensation
    Therapeutic aids measure and detect skin sensitivity, nerve damage or impairment and changes in neurological  status.
  • Alignment
    Evaluate alignment, posture, lateral and forward flexion and extension precisely with these chiropractic  tools.  Also perfect for school scoliosis testing
  • Weight Scales
    Analog and Digital Physician’s scales, with and without height rods for use in the medical profession  to measure a patient’s weight and height.
  • Body Composition
    Measure body fat and water % easily using this range of products.    From credit card  sized analyzers to our new 2-sided skinfold caliper (great for right- and left-handed people), there’s an item here for your facility
  • Lung Capacity
    Indicator measures the air entering and leaving the lungs.
  • Time & Distance
    Heart rate watches, pedometers and timers for recording; distance, steps, calories, time and heart rate.
  • Size & Edema
    Using the water displacement method, these tools are used by a therapist to measure swelling and circumference  of a body part.
  • Manipulation
    Tests to measure fine-motor-skills, dexterity, eye/hand coordination and understanding of concepts.
  • Strength

    These instruments measure one’s ability to exert force using their hand, grip, wrist or finger muscles achieve consistent, measureable  and recordable results to show progress

  • BP / Oxygen / Pulse

    Monitor a patient’s condition through blood pressure, pulse rate and oxygen levels.

  • Flexibility

    Measures the sit-and-reach test. The scales are printed in inches and centimeters.

  • Worksteps

    Functional Preemposed Employment Testing. 

  • Medical Essentials
  • Height & Weight...
  • Physical Therapy...
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Showing 1 - 18 of 535 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 535 items