Aids for Daily Living encompasses products to help increase and maintain the functional capabilities and independence of people with disabilities for a better quality of life.

ADL  There are 665 products.


  • Alarms & Sensors

    These patient safety devices are perfect for facilities and in-home use.  Find the right alarm to help keep clients safe whether sitting or while in bed.

  • Bathroom

    Adaptive bathroom aids such as shampoo basins and toilet aids make bathroom cleansing tasks easier for everyone.

  • Bedroom

    As part of our ADL selection, we offer supports for getting in and out of bed, as well as items for being comfortable while in bed.

  • Cups & Mugs

    Adapted cups and mugs allow the user to drink with little shoulder, neck or head movement. Spill proof versions eliminate embarrassing accidents.

  • Dressing Aids

    Boost Independence and dignity for people all ages by using tools to help those in rehab, with special needs or limited mobility to dress themselves.

  • Dycem® Non-Slip

    Provide a secure and non-slip surface for tables, chairs and the floor in clinics, healthcare facilities and homes using this non-slip material. Use the strips with canes, wheelchairs, utensils and much more.

  • Gait Belts

    Gait belts are actually a back saving device for caregivers. They help to lift and transfer. as well as provide a secure grasp on patients with limited mobility and balance deficiencies.

  • Hip Kits

    Hip kits include a variety of aids-to-daily living (ADL) products in one convenient package. Items help people avoid bending at the hip.

  • Hook and Loop

    Use fastening tape with adjustable closure anywhere you need to make multiple adjustments. The two sides of the tape adhere to each other, one side has rough hooks and the other side is made of soft, fuzzy material.

  • Household Gadgets

    Key holders, door knob grippers and plug pullers are just a few tools that can make it easier to perform household activities on a daily basis. Promote independence for a better quality of life.

  • Medication Aids

    Products such as pill crushers, pill boxes, tube squeezers and eye drop guides make every day needs less difficult, for those who need help with daily activities. Independence aids in self-esteem and a better quality of life at home.

  • Pillows

    Support the head, neck, shoulders and lumbar with pillows and rolls to provide optimal relaxation and comfort in sitting or laying positions.

  • Plates & Bowls

    Make meal-time a pleasurable experience rather than a frustrating time. Adapted plate guards and bowls help make it easier for those with low-vision, tremors or decreased fine-motor-skills to eat by themselves.

  • Reachers

    Help people retrieve hard to reach items by giving an additional length without having to bend, stretch or strain the body.

  • Utensils / Cutlery

    Make it easier to eat by utilizing adapted utensils and cutlery. Weighted forks, spoons and knives are perfect for those with tremors; bendable utensils accommodate various grips and built-up handles make cutlery easier to hold.

  • Communication Boards
  • Caregiver Aids
  • Other Non-Slip Aids
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Showing 1 - 18 of 665 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 665 items