Therapeutic aids measure and detect skin sensitivity, nerve damage or impairment and changes in neurological  status.

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  • Baseline® Disposable...
    Baseline® disposable individual 10 gm. monofilaments. Complete with the LEAP program testing protocol.
  • Baseline® Retracting...
    Damage resistant, portable monofilaments detect changes in neurological status. Ideal for screening for peripheral nerve impairment. Monofilament retracts into protective case when not in use.
  • Baseline® Folding...
    Folding monofilament is an inexpensive monofilament that can be used to detect changes in neurological status. Used for screening peripheral nerve impairment.
  • Baseline® Tactile™...
    The Baseline® tactile monofilament evaluator is used to measure cutaneous sensory perception threshold. Each monofilament represents a unique amount of force and has a fitted protective case enables safe storage and transport.
  • WEST™ Monofilaments
    Weinstein Enhanced Sensory Test (WEST) offers an improved version of the Semmes-Weinstein monofilaments. Monofilaments are used to measure skin sensitivity and determine peripheral nerve involvement. WEST monofilaments provide reliable test results with textured, round monofilament tips.
  • Touch-Test™ Monofilaments
    The Touch-Test™ monofilament bends when peak force threshold is reached. Test sensory levels and obtain objective data on the status  of diminishing or return insensibility. Handle opens to a 90° angle. Finger indentations on handle provide a firm, comfortable hold. Color code shows pressure level. Comes in a protective case with instructions included.
  • Baseline® Two Point...
    Evaluate cutaneous sensitivity and touch threshold. Measures up to 14 centimeter discrimination.
  • Baseline®...
    Discrim-A-Gon® 2-point discrimination set includes two discrimination octagons (wheels). Each octagon measures a different range of 8 labeled, fixed 2-point intervals ranging from 1 mm to 25 mm. The easy-to-use, lightweight plastic wheel is the perfect sensory evaluation tool to test static and dynamic 1 and 2-point discrimination.
  • Touch-Test™ Discriminator
    2-point discrimination wheel tests static and moving two-point discrimination of fingers, toes or sensory flaps. Unit consists of two sturdy, rotating, plastic disks that are joined together. Rounded tips are spaced at standard testing intervals. Ideal for testing following nerve repair, grafts and innervated tissue transfer for desensitization, or to determine the level of impairment. Unit includes instructions and a protective carrying case.
  • Dellon® Discriminator
    For testing static and dynamic one and two-point discrimination. Set includes two disks that quantify innervation density from 1 to 25 mm. Useful as a postoperative therapeutic aid for desensitization and home programs following nerve repair, graft and innervated tissue damage. Set includes storage pouch and instructions.
  • Neurological Pinwheels
    Rotating pinwheel attached to handle. Use the pinwheel to elicit cutaneous sensory and pain perception responses.
  • Baseline® Dolorimeters
    Evaluate pain threshold. Standardized (1.52 cm2) flat circular probe is pushed against subject until pain threshold is reached. Measures in pounds and kilograms.
  • Tuning Forks
    Evaluate hearing and vibratory sensation.
  • Percussion Hammers
    Percussion hammer can be used to elicit responses during examination.
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Showing 1 - 18 of 125 items