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Make it easier to eat by utilizing adapted utensils and cutlery. Weighted forks, spoons and knives are perfect for those with tremors; bendable utensils accommodate various grips and built-up handles make cutlery easier to hold.

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  • Built-up Handle Utensils
    Build-up handle stainless steel utensils have comfort handle that is easy to hold. Hole at one end can be used to attach a wrist strap.  Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Weighted Utensils
    Weighted cutlery decreases hand tremors, allowing cutlery to reach the users mouth easier. An ideal solution for persons with Parkinson's  or other impairments resulting in hand tremors
  • Comfort Grip Utensils
    Cutlery with a grip designed to give independence at meal time. These utensils allow maximum user control with minimum effort. Useful  in both institutions and at home. The comfort grip has a soft vinyl coating with finger indentations for a secure grip. Suited for persons with poor grasp with a 7/8" (22mm) diameter grip. Light weight, 85 grams (3oz) each. Dishwasher Safe. Latex Free
  • Featherlite Utensils
    Featherlite line of cutlery is very light weight. The average weight is 48 grams (1.7oz). The handles are one inch in diameter and  slightly tapered and textured for easy gripping. They are totally sealed to prevent water seepage and are dishwasher safe. The stainless steel utensils have been designed for use by persons with disabilities. The fork has short tines with rounded tips. The knife blade can be used as a rocker knife or as a regular knife. Spoon bowls are not too large. The angle of the left and right offset have been designed to minimize wrist movement. The Ergo utensils in this line compose a complete set of rocker knife, fork, teaspoon and soupspoon. The addition of this grip angle further enhances our ability to solve gripping problems at meal time
  • Soft Handle Utensils
    Soft handled utensils have large grips made of closed cell foam which will not absorb moisture. Light weight. Ideal for people with  arthritis or tender hands and finger joints. Foam grip slides off for easy cleaning.
  • Rocker Knife
    Cut meat with rocker motion using only one hand; curved blade, solid handle.
  • Meat Knife
    Cut meat with rocking motion using only one hand.
  • Utensil Holders
    Utensil holders make it easier for individual to use utensils.
  • Cutting Board
    White food grade polypropylene cutting board. Stainless steel spikes hold food in place for cutting. ½" high corner guards. 4 suction  cups anchor board.
  • Bibs
    Make “do-it-yourself” bibs out of napkins, towels, plastic film, or other materials. Consists of braided nylon cord with a spring  tension pinch clip at each end long version has a sliding plastic bead to make it length adjustable
  • Finger Loop Utensil
    Finger Loop utensils have the look and feel of traditional utensils. Designed for people with little to no grip strength. User places  finger or thumb through the loop and stabilizes the utensil with the palm. Vinyl coated handles. Dishwasher safe
  • Good Grips® Utensil
    Good Grips® utensil handles are easy to hold. Forks and spoons have twist in the shaft to allow bending at any angle. Sample kit includes  a fork, small spoon, teaspoon, tablespoon and rocker knife. Institutional dishwasher safe.
  • Knife & Fork Combo

    A special eating utensil combining a rocker knife and a fork with a comfort grip handle. A rocking motion on the curve of the blade  will cut food, then use the forked end for feeding

  • Roller Knife / Fork

    This utensil combines the utility of the roller knife/fork with our Comfort Grip. Especially useful for a one handed person with a  weak grasp

  • Knife/Fork Combo
  • Universal Built-up Handle
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Showing 1 - 18 of 78 items